Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Elephants but Not So Much Glamour

In last week's post on Elephants & Glamour I promised a photo of me riding an elephant on our upcoming trip to the north of Thailand. The outfits we were given to wear was as bad as I expected - a thick, oversized denim jumpsuit! A far, far cry from Reece's stunning gowns but we had a wonderful time nonetheless! The elephants, were sweet, gentle and intelligent. And so to live up to my word . . . here you go! 

Me, only slightly terrified, learning the elephant commands from the professional mahout! 


Anya adores said...

Look like soo much fun - such amazing animals elephants - I adore them. Also love the Jim Thompson post - great :O)
A xx

Anna said...

Only you could make that jumpsuit look glamorous - and you totally do!

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