Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Designer Tip: Lighting Upgrades

One of my most oft used designer upgrades is to fix a room's lighting. So many rental spaces have harsh, florescent overhead lighting but with the right tweaks I feel that lovely lighting can really set the ambiance for the whole space. I always change out overhead fixtures if possible, and am sure to add lots of layers of softer lighting with floor and table lamps. I also find warm hued, frosted bulbs cast a much more inviting light than their cool, clear counterparts. Here are my top 3 tips for beautiful, welcoming lighting:

- Add a soft light source to 3 corners of a room if possible (in design school they suggest 8 light sources per room but I find that 4-6 is often plenty!)

- Incorporate lighting of various heights - a mix of table lamps, taller standing lamps and hanging fixtures create a layered feel.

- Try a pair - a pair of matched lamps flanking a piece of furniture or set on a large sideboard adds a great symmetry.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Katie Hodges Design: Fresh and Boho in Cali

While on my Pinterest travels, the photo above stopped me in my tracks! I love the organic, layered, fresh California vibe of this amazing nook - and no surprise, I adore the rest of the house just as much! Created by designer Katie Hodges, this L.A. rental is full of chic boho details and great vintage pieces. I especially love her gorgeous use of textiles and creative luxe upgrades (like the custom leather drawer pulls!) to add personality to a basic space. Any details you love?

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Designer Tip: Leaning, Layered Art

Many of my design projects are in rental homes, and one of the quirks of building in Singapore is that light and fan switches are often placed high in very awkward and unusual places. Just where I would like to hang a large mirror or piece of art! My solution is to create a layered tabletop vignette of smaller, leaning pieces - adding texture and interest while keeping the switches accessible! Not only is this functional but I love the causal, collected look and the flexibility to change out pieces as you like. The key is to mix pieces of different heights and different mediums. I like to incorporate small framed artworks, mirrors and stretched canvases, as well one or two decorative vases or flora. 

Here is a little inspiration I have been gathering!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bedroom Styling: Accessories 5 Ways

Master bedrooms are some of my favorite spaces to design - I love their versatility. Also as private spaces they allow for a few more personal touches, a cozy feel, and of course loads of lovely fabrics. I pulled these five bedrooms as they all have white walls, similar proportions, and simple neutral headboards - but the end results are beautifully varied! Bedrooms are really so easy to update and make your own using accessories, art and textiles. 

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Modern Organic: A Designer's Urban Home

Today I am loving this modern but warm bachelor pad. It is the home of Seattle based designer Brian Paquette and I am so inspired by his gorgeous blending of  vintage pieces, organic textures and subtle patterns. The space feels so rich and layered despite being a new build condo and I especially love the restraint of the color palette - focusing only on grays, black, white and woods with a bit of stormy blue. Paquette's space look casual yet sophisticated - note the art hung off center above the sofas, such an expected touch. Any details you love?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kitchen Redo: Boho Beauty in L.A.

I love seeing what designers do in their own homes and I found this amazing kitchen reveal by designer and artist Justina Blakeney especially inspiring. Known for her signature California meets global bohemian style, this vibrant kitchen is just full of color and warmth. I love the organic feel of the materials used and the contrast of the brass hardware against those amazing glossy jade tiles. Just so happy! 

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