Singapore Bound!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am moving back to Singapore today! Wish me luck on the 24 hours in flight! Can't wait to see my husband and get settled in our new apartment! More to come from SE Asia . . . 

The Singapore skyline from the 57th floor! The bar on the top of the new Marina Bay Sands! 

Design Dedication: Antlers

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lately I have been spotting a ton of antlers, both traditional and stylized, in the design world! Previously reserved for hunting cabins or men's lodges, antlers can also be used in more eclectic and sophisticated interiors. I love the organic element and texture they lend a space and especially like their contrast against a more modern interior. Plus, there are so many beautiful resin and faux options out there so you certainly don't have to use the real thing! Here are few of my favorites. . . {Above is a resin deer antler by Restoration Hardware!}

A vibrant living room by stylist Lili Diallo, previously of Domino (Oh, I miss Domino!). The carved oak deer head works great with the collected feel of the room.

A stately study in the Chateau de Groussay, owned by Carlos de Beistegui - while perhaps the number is a bit overwhelming the antlers certainly make a statement!

The Ghost Antler Rack in snow white resin by artist Erich Grinder - you can even hang your coat on these guys! Available through Velocity Art and Design online.

Decorator Leslie Klotz designed this cheery kitchen featuring a carved wood cow's head.{Photo by Laura Resen via House Beautiful}.

I love the arrangement of these antlers and deer head in Haus Interior home store by Nina Freudenberger! {Photo via Lonny magazine}.

I am just crazy for these vintage brass antler table lamps on lucite bases! They are American from the 1970s and are available at High Style Deco Antiques on!

Lastly, a charming and colorful living room in Nantucket by designer Tom Scheerer - the stylized bull's head looks perfect flanked by windows!

Sense & Sensibility in LA!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Sunday, I had the great luck to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles during a wonderful weekend with my brother! The MOCA is showcasing an amazing exhibition ofexperiential pieces - those which require the viewer to interact with the art itself. The works were originally created in the 1950s and 1960s and were re-constructed for the MOCA. Described assuprasensorial, the art works were amazing to experience in person and I loved being involved in the art rather than a pure spectator. Using light, projection, sound, and touch we got to be immersed in the art, thus "bridging the distance between spectator and object, demystifying art by making it part of everyday life." We had a blast and it was wonderful watching others expereince the space, especially all the children visitors. As a designer I fully believe that art is more than just paintings but how we experience spaces and environments too! Those in the LA area must visit soon! Photos do not do it justice! 

Lucio Fontana, created in 1951, reconstructed in 2010 - I loved the organic curves of this piece, like a giant hovering cloud of white light! 

Wow, color does alter mood! After removing our shoes we got to experience each space of this color-filled structure. I found the red space the most pleasing! The work is titled Cromosaturacionby Carlos Cruz-Diez, created in 1965 and re-constructed in 2010.

Mirrors dangling from nylon lines bounced light around the curved space - the effect was that of water flowing or birds flying in a flock - so relaxing! By Julio Le Parc, titled Lumiere en Mouvement, 1962, re-constructed in 2010.

We loved this one! A room-sized structure hung with a dense network of blue plastic cords - walking through it was like swimming! Jesus Rafael Soto, Penetrable BBL Bleu, 1969, re-constructed in 1999.

{Images courtesy of}

Rainy Day Round-Up

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am home in beautiful Seattle this week and yes its a rainy day! I love the rain here - some days its so nice just to curl up at home. Plus, rainy weather does not have to mean drab decor - here are a few wet weather accessories to brighten any day!

(The image above is a watercolor of Lake Union on a rainy day which I discovered via Urban Sketchers Seattle - a non-profit blog featuring the sketches of local art lovers)

Gustbuster Classic Umbrella in lime green and white, via

Alessi chrome umbrella stand from Velocity Art and Design (a great Seattle shop but available country wide online!)
Orla Kiely umbrella in a lively red pear print (image via
Mini umbrella in burnt orange by Tory Burch, a great size for your purse! A Seattle essential! 
A white porcelain umbrella stand by Horchow, I love the decorative pierced design! 

A turquoise lacquered umbrella stand by Jonathan Adler - if this does not add a ray of sunlight to your entry I dont know what will! 

Shedrain Brown Wave printed umbrella for sale at

A classic sophisticate - this blue and white stand available via Neiman Marcus is a great mix of tradition and function! 
Perch rain umbrella in sky blue! Available via 

Lastly, a whimsical Owl umbrella holder from Urban Outfitters.

Perfectly Paired: Urns!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

For me, symmetry is one of the most important elements of design! Too much and a room feels rigid and inorganic but too little and a space can be chaotic and overwhelming. Especially with accessories, I think a combination of pairs and non-matching collections is the key! One great trick is to pick a bold accessory (like urns!) to pair - either side by side or across the room, a pair of urns give a sense of order and proportion. Here are few of my favorite examples. . . The above image is from Mary McDonald's beautiful book Interiors: The Allure of Style - which I highly recommend! The yellow ceramics urns make a bright statement in an otherwise black and white space. I also adore the geometric painted floor! 

A pair of antique metal urns on concrete stands flank the fireplace. Also from Mary McDonald's  Interiors: The Allure of Style.

Designer Ashley Wittaker's light filled entry. The urns anchor the antique console table and add a great pop of color.

A pair of small stone and gilt bronze urns in a sophisticated library by designer Michael Smith.

Matching white urns draw the eyes up and give the room added height in a striking San Francisco dining room by Bilhuber and Associates.

Cocktails and the Chic Bar Cart Roundup

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seeing as how its Friday and how I am having a weekend reunion with my best four girlfriends from college, I certainly have cocktails on the brain! And on that note, I have dug up some of my all time favorite bar carts. Setting up console or rolling cart as a bar station is a great use of a corner of your living room or a small hallway. Having a beautiful and well stocked bar makes impromptu drinks easy but it does not have to limited to traditional bar items and can be a lovely vignette - perfect to displace a favorite vase or small piece of art. (Pictured above; the bar of LA caterer Lulu Powers via Lonny magazine) 

Styled and photographed by Deborah Jaffe for Domino magazine, a perfect way to make the most of a small space between two windows! 
A manly, sophisticated bar by Thom Felicia in House Beautiful - a bar cart is a great addition to the library! Whisky and first editions just seem to go hand in hand....

Another fabulous bar by Thom Felicia, featured in Canadian House and Home. I love the casual, collected nature of his table and its size! Perfect for summer parties! 

A charming antique bent wood bar cart under a collection of blue and white ceramics - chic even without glasses or bottles! (photo via Madebygirl blog).

A fully stocked vintage bar cart by Ruthie Sommers, via Lonny magazine.
I adore this 1950's italian bar cart by Cescare Lucca, sold through Gustavo Olivieri Antiques - a perfect spot of mid-century modern sophistication, I can just see mixing the perfect martini here! 

The Emory bar cart from Horchow - a wonderful option for small spaces.

Really, IKEA? yes! This minimalist stainless steel bar cart is the Flytta cart by designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen.
A classic beauty - the Cosmopolian Bar Cart from William Sonoma Home.

Cheers! Bon Week End! 

Style Crush: Lulu De Kwiatkowski

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have long been in love with of the work of designer and artist Lulu De Kwiatkowski and her lovely home in Los Angeles is certainly no exception!  After seeing the captivating photos in the October-November issue of online magazine, Lonny, I am more in love than ever. Founder of Lulu DK, a rapidly growing textile company, Lulu is the creative force behind a full line of lively upholstery fabrics, sheers, wall covering, bedding, throw pillows and crib sets. Her California home is breezy, casual, and inviting and I especially love the layers of pattern and texture she uses. Full of bold color and figured fabrics, the spaces still feel open and not overly busy – a real design feat! Sisal, cream and sand colored walls, and large blocks of neutral upholstery set the background for spots of her energetic fabrics, artwork, and eclectic collection of accessories. I will certainly be saving this house in my file of inspiration! 

All images coutesty of and

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