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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Sunday, I had the great luck to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles during a wonderful weekend with my brother! The MOCA is showcasing an amazing exhibition ofexperiential pieces - those which require the viewer to interact with the art itself. The works were originally created in the 1950s and 1960s and were re-constructed for the MOCA. Described assuprasensorial, the art works were amazing to experience in person and I loved being involved in the art rather than a pure spectator. Using light, projection, sound, and touch we got to be immersed in the art, thus "bridging the distance between spectator and object, demystifying art by making it part of everyday life." We had a blast and it was wonderful watching others expereince the space, especially all the children visitors. As a designer I fully believe that art is more than just paintings but how we experience spaces and environments too! Those in the LA area must visit soon! Photos do not do it justice! 

Lucio Fontana, created in 1951, reconstructed in 2010 - I loved the organic curves of this piece, like a giant hovering cloud of white light! 

Wow, color does alter mood! After removing our shoes we got to experience each space of this color-filled structure. I found the red space the most pleasing! The work is titled Cromosaturacionby Carlos Cruz-Diez, created in 1965 and re-constructed in 2010.

Mirrors dangling from nylon lines bounced light around the curved space - the effect was that of water flowing or birds flying in a flock - so relaxing! By Julio Le Parc, titled Lumiere en Mouvement, 1962, re-constructed in 2010.

We loved this one! A room-sized structure hung with a dense network of blue plastic cords - walking through it was like swimming! Jesus Rafael Soto, Penetrable BBL Bleu, 1969, re-constructed in 1999.

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