Pairings: Van Gogh's Starry Night

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Van Gogh's famous Starry Night has always captivated me! The movement and the color of the piece are just arresting and it's a must stop for me whenever I visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York - I could stare at it for hours. I discovered my love of design and interiors through an art history major in college and a masters in the history of decorative art - a somewhat unusual path for a designer. So for me, interiors and fine art feel so closely linked and I love finding pairings between the two! 

Here are some lovely spaces that sparkle with Van Gogh's innovative use of color and curving forms - encouragement that fine art does not have to be restricted to the museum walls!

I just love that first bright interior! Look for more interior + fine art pairings to come . . . 

Happy Friday! 

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Daily Dose 7.28

Friday, July 29, 2011

For your Daily Dose of Design . . . a well-traveled living room! Hints that this glamorous and eclectic space is the home of a jet-setter? A vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, that beautiful peacock wicker chair, the African textile wall hanging and of course the disco ball!  
I loved this chic combo of black, white, and collected pieces  - do you agree? 

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Curvy Beauties!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love a romantic bedroom, and a curvy, shaped headboard can be just the perfect piece to get you there! Not only is an upholstered headboard lovely, but it's so comfortable and practical for reading in bed. Especially in a small bedroom, the shape and visual interest of a curvy headboard is so lively and can bring much needed visual interest. So I say, the more bends, curves, arches and meanders the better!  {P.S. How divine is Sophia Loren? Sigh, and that bed is fantastic! via}

There are many gorgeous custom headboards to dream about but you can also find just beautiful retail options! This one, by Serena and Lily is a favorite of mine! I adore the shape and also the extra height it gives a space. 
Until Tomorrow! 

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Daily Dose 7.27

I am just so inspired by this image of Picasso in his studio in Paris! I love seeing the creative spaces in which artists works and this image is just iconic. The gorgeous inlaid floors and minty green woodwork are pretty stunning as well. 

Whose studio would it be your dream to visit? 

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Manly Sophistication

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes people think any designed interior is automatically girly - I beg to differ! Some of the best and most sophisticated designs are plenty masculine and a bit tough too. It's often a big challenge as a designer to create a room that both male and female clients love. The key is the layering of materials! All of these beautiful spaces rely on many varying tones of metals, woods, leathers, and fabrics - all in neutral tones - to bring the interior together. All of these rooms also share interesting collections of objects, art, and vintage pieces to add even more texture. 

 See guys - you don't be afraid of interior design - gorgeous style can be truly unisex! 

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Summer Denim Indoors?

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am in love with this breezy summer look! Denim is simply a summer essential for me - effortless, casual, and chic, so it got me thinking, what about interiors?  Can denim cross over to stylish decor too? I say yes! {just make sure it's not the acid washed variety} Still need some convincing? Here are few inspirations to help you bring denim indoors . . . 

The rich blue looks just lovely in this simple bedroom! {via 1 / 2}

I love the worn color of these Petry Denim club chairs in Newel Turner's living room {via}


Denim bedding looks fantastic with the burst of yellow, featured in Domino {via}

Denim looking tough in a great industrial-vintage cafe! {via}

Causal but still tailored - sofas upholstered in reversed, faded denim {via}


A chic denim and chrome nailhead chair and floor pillows in Sarah Jessica Parker's country home {via}

Ralph Lauren Home came out with a new line of Indigo Denim paint - they even have a tutorial on how to apply it! 

The RL paints come in a whole range of denim shades and remind me of a softer, beachy version of Venetian plaster - beautiful! 

So what is your vote: does denim make the cut in chic interiors? 

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Artist Spotlight: Caitlin McGauley

Call me old fashioned, but in an age of so many perfectly crisp digital images, the hand rendered works of Caitlin McGauley are just so lovely!  You may have seen these gorgeous watercolor illustrations in Lonny magazine or in the ad campaigns of Tory Burch, Kate Spade or Hermes {what a chic client roster!} I love Caitlin's use of rich color and how lush her works feel! 


If you want one for your very own, she also sells her works here

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Daily Dose 7.21

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My hubby and I are headed here tonight for a dinner with friends! It's an old church which has been converted into a chic new restaurant: The White Rabbit. I think I am more excited for the decor than the food!  
I will report back tomorrow. . . 

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Creativity & Mess . . . Continued!

Does creativity need mess? For those of you who voted that organization is king - here is an example of chic clutter! The home of Melbourne designers and artists Misha Hollenbach, Shauna Toohey and their daughter Odi is full of life and energy! A few messes - yes, for sure, but overall I love the relaxed, colorful and quirky feel of their home and the way in which the uber talented Todd Selby captured this creative family. It also feels great to remember we don't have to everything perfect! A little chaos can be beautiful . . . 

Hope you enjoyed this stylishly messy home too! See the complete set of images here

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