My Market Round-Up: Garden Stools

Thursday, July 7, 2011

While writing yesterday's post on garden stools, I came across this beautiful room above and just had to find out where to get one of these lovely antiqued turquoise garden stools! I found it, and I wanted to share it and a little market round-up of my favorite sources for ceramic garden stools. It's just amazing what depth of internet sources there are. I love the range of texture and colors these durable and versatile ceramic stools are available in! 
Happy browsing! 

Here it is! Isn't the color fantastic? by Home Deco Direct, $439.
I love the subtle petals and soft lavender color of this Blossom stool by Decor Decor, $318.

I love the hand made texture of this Cloud side table from Gumps, $350.

Modern lines and a bold lime color! by Home Deco Direct, $259

Raised pattern white cane garden seat by Horchow, $265.

Pretty Lotus ceramic stools by Ballard Designs, $159 each.

Carved indigo stool from Wisteria, $259. 
A crisp white porcelain shower seat - so pretty and practical too! Love the idea of a little place to sit in the shower. By Next Door Trends

A traditional blue and white Kylin porcelain stool from, $104.99

Silver garden stool - love the shine and little bit of glamor! Wisteria, $129. 
Sunny yellow in a chic cut out design, by Plantation Design, $250.

The two-toned aqua glaze on this stool is just beautiful! by Decor Decor, $212.

West Elm's Bubbles ceramic side table is so organic looking, it would be beautiful in a bath, $130.
Ok, so its painted and not ceramic but I still had to share this bright cane patterned stool by Horchow, $220! 

I had to chose just one it would the the first turquoise one, but honestly, one garden stool per home is never enough!

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Intrigue and Inspire said...

You've provided a wonderful collection of garden stools. I think the West Elm bubble stool is especially interesting and unexpected. I agree it would be great in a bath.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the lovely pictures. Any idea where to find such garden stools in Singapore? Thanks!

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