Happy Birthday Spicer & Bank!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy First Birthday! 

I can't believe I missed it! Last year on August 21st, I began my blog! I adore all the new friends, amazing design inspirations, and wonderful opportunities it has brought me. It has been such a special experience so far and I  love writing each day - thanks so much to you all for reading! 
Here's to much more to come! 

Thank you for all your support! 

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European Elegance

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After spending a year in Rome after college, I can admit I have a serious soft spot for all things classically European. And I especially love to see the new fused with the old, which is why I so in love with this home in Connecticut! Using salvaged architecture elements and plenty of eclectic furniture, this new home looks almost historic. . . .

I am in love with the use of the antique display case for the family's dishes and cook books! Which is your favorite space? 

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Dresser Come Island!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I was so inspired by this beautiful kitchen above and the creative repurposing of a dresser as an island! I love how useful kitchen islands are for chopping and prep, and even more how everyone always seems to gather around them to chat or snack! The best part is that dressers already come with drawers to stash all your loose cooking tools and are great candidates for a makeover with a coat of paint or a new top. Here are few more charming dresser islands . . . 

I adore this one via Little Green Notebook - it really warms up the modern kitchen and adds so much more work space! {also crazy for that rug!}

Great curvy legs and updated brushed nickel hardware make this whole space! {via}

A French provincial take on the kitchen! Beautiful shade of faded gray! {via}

I am nuts for this shock of blue! {via}

So what do you think . . . A possible DIY for you? I am certainly saving it in my files! 

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I Love You NYC

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A run in Central Park, the morning spent staring at Monet and Pollacks at the MOMA and the afternoon strolling up 5th Avenue . . . it is just really hard to beat New York. Between the architecture, the art scene, and the sheer originality and energy of daily life here - I am always inspired! 
A dreamy week!  

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Tricks for An Inspired Entry

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So often small spaces, like entry ways, get neglected! But with a few tricks these spaces can have so much personality and make a big statement right when you enter a home. Here's why I love this chic, Scandinavian style entry:

{1} A hanging clothes rack is a creative use of space and the floor free for more storage
{2} Painting the walls, floors, moldings, and ceilings of the space in a fresh white creates the illusion of a larger space!
{3} Lining the small closet with a beautiful blue paper gives a lovely focal point
{4} The collected grouping of small frames above the door adds great character!   

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Vineyard Happiness

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Having a girls week with best friends on Martha's Vineyard. Lots of lobster, wine, and catching up. I have not spotted Obama yet but am on the lookout! More to come Monday . . . 

Hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend!

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Airy in Stockholm

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lately we all seem have a weakness for Scandinavian style. From fashion to fabrics to vintage furniture, it's everywhere, but I am certainly not complaining. This small but charming apartment is Stockholm is the perfect example of why Scandinavian interiors are so appealing - they are clean and modern but still so welcoming! 

Here are a few design tips to take away from this homey flat:

{1} Whitewash your palette. Picking a soft color scheme, anchored by lots and lots of white, highlights all the natural light. Plus, by using one main color throughout, the rooms all flow together and give the impression of a larger space.

{2} Hang your window treatments extra high. Even if you windows are lower, the visual height of the curtains draws your eye up and makes the room seem even taller!

{3} Don't overcrowd! This apartment is not too full of furniture and by allowing the pieces to breath, the whole interior feels more spacious.

Also, I just have to note the adorable nursery! I wonder who makes that amazing printed ballon fabric?

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You Deserve a Medal!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love all of the unique illustrations of artist James Gulliver Hancock, but I am especially crazy for his print series of hand rendered personal awards. I wholeheartedly agree that we all could use a little pat on the back from time to time. Plus they are done in beautiful colors and would make lovely gifts too! 
A Medal for Being Animated

 A Medal for Being Confident

A Medal for Being Passionate

A Medal for Drinking Champagne

A Medal for Staying Up All Night

Here's to celebrating the little things in life! Which one is your favorite?
You can see all James' work here

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Daily Dose 8.11

Thursday, August 11, 2011

For your Daily Dose, encouragement that you can love and enjoy even the tiniest outdoor space! The sheer breezy curtains, vibrant turquoise and white color scheme, and of course that fantastic hammock makes this small balcony the best room in the house! There is even a tiki torch and hanging glass lanterns for mood lighting and a small table to rest your cocktail on . . .
I love it! 

And if you really want to be inspired, just check out the Before photo! 

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