Summertime in Singapore!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I was invited to write a guest blog to share my favorite things about summer in Singapore on the lovely blog, The Mustard Ceiling! In case you missed it there, I thought I just share it here as well:

I moved to Singapore about a year and a half ago with my hubby and was surprised to find that it's always summer here!  It is just about on the equator so the weather is same all year and hovers at about 90 degrees and 90% humidity. The eternal August climate can get a bit too hot for me at times, but the wonderful news is that I get to enjoy my favorite things about summer in Singapore all year round!

Picnics in the Singapore Botanical Gardens
Concerts and plays are held all the time in these lush gardens and we love having wine and cheese picnics with friends. The gardens are over 100 years old and full of tropical beauty.

Hiking McRitchie Park
A huge lake and a suspended set of tree top bridges make this an awesome place to hike. The resident monkeys are so much fun to watch too!

Fresh Mangos
I am officially addicted - we can get ripe mangos year round here and I have one for breakfast almost every morning with my tea or coffee . . . so, so yummy!

Gorgeous Orchids
Singapore's wet tropical climate is perfect for orchids and we can buy super affordable potted orchids everywhere (at less than $10 each!) They are even the national flower. I am very spoiled now and my house is always full of them.

Saturdays at the Tanjong Beach Club
Most of Singapore's coastline is used for shipping or industry, but one small area has been developed as a chic beach club and restaurant. We love relaxing here on the weekends, it has a fantastic Miami beach vibe and is so beautiful at sunset! 

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Wishing everyone a very happy summer! 
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