House Tour: Rustic Meets Modern in LA

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I am always a huge fan of spaces which blend both rustic and modern styles so naturally I love the home of stylist and designer Estee Stanley featured in Lonny. The interiors stay true to the classic architectural style of this 1920's Spanish colonial, but still are infused a chic, modern vibe. The balance of the sleek and the traditional is so lovely! I think one of the keys is using plenty of antique and textured pieces, but not over filling the rooms. The result is that each space is so warm yet has an almost minimal feel as well.

I loved the layering of rugs in Estee's teenaged daughter's room - such a wonderful trick to add great texture and a slightly bohemian vibe.

I also loved this cozy but sophisticated nursery.

These last few outdoor spaces are fantastic as well! The climate in LA means perfect outdoor entertaining for much of year, and I can just image casual yet stylish BBQs and parties here. . . .

Any details you love?


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Boys Will Be Boys: A Playful Nursery in Gray and Orange

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We just found out that some of our dearest friends are having a baby boy! They love a hit of warm, bright color so I am dreaming of a color scheme of gray, orange, white and wood with a bit of blue. I think this would be playful and sweet but still sophisticated. Babies grow up fast, so a room they can grow with is essential I think. Plus Mom and Dad are spending plenty of time in here too, so it should be adult friendly as well! 

Here is a bit of inspiration . . .  I can't wait to meet Baby R in just a few months! 

I love this layering of pattern - chic but still sweet.

 I love the idea of a gray and white striped wall! I have substituted wall decals for paint in the past and it turned out beautifully {and is a much more rental friendly option.}

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Instant Style: Patterned Runners

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lacking space for furniture and more traditional decoration, staircases are often completely forgotten and are, well, a bit bland! One way to add instant style and visual interest is to install a bold runner. A runner does not have to exactly match the other rugs in the home - in fact, I love the eclectic contrast when it doesn't. I adore all kinds of patterns, but at the moment, I am especially crazy for stripes. If you have stairs that need a pop of unexpected pattern and are feeling crafty, this is a really great guide to DIY runner installation. 

And here are some of my favorite runner inspirations to get you started . . . 

These last two are actually painted directly on the treads. What a clever and low cost alternative!

Would you ever try this look at home? 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Daily Detail: Rustic Elegance

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today for your daily detail, it's a lovely pairing of seaside rustic + glam modernism! I think these two styles are usually at odds but this living room is so unexpected and elegant. 

Why I love it:

{1} The color palette of hazy, soft purples and blues is so sophisticated yet grounded
{2} The roughness of the console is balanced by the sleek brass side table and luxe velvet sofa
{3} The casual styling of the console table is beautiful but not too formal - it's a great trick to lean art instead of hanging
{3} The rope coffee table {enough said - it's fantastic!}

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Iconic Pieces: Acapulco Chair

Monday, June 17, 2013

Popping up in spaces from eclectic to ultra mod, both indoors and out, the Acapulco chair is certainly one of my favorite iconic pieces! Originally designed in Mexico in the 1950s, the chair was inspired by ancient Mayan weaving techniques. When the city became a fashionable tropical destination for the Hollywood jetset in the 1960s, the chairs became an instant favorite! For me, they evoke a beachy, retro, and glamourous moment of the past {so Mad Men!} but still feel so fresh today. I am dreaming of a pair in teal blue for my balcony . . . 
Would you use these modern classics in your home or garden? 


For those in Singapore, Acapulco inspired chairs are available in a ton of lovely colors here at the great vintage shop Like That One and CB2 also carries a few great designs with a modern spin.

For those of you in the US, Innit Designs sells them as well! 

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