The Minimalist Bedroom

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Usually I am drawn to rooms layered with patterns and color but there is something so restful and calming about a minimalist bedroom. A few years ago while my husband finished his MBA we rented a charming little carriage house in France, the bedroom was a tiny attic room with a dormer window and pitched ceiling. There was classic sisal carpeting, a simple low bed with white bedding and a vintage bedside table - maybe it was the peaceful decor (or maybe the fact that it was gray and snowy!) but we still talk about how well we slept there! It was like a cozy cave, so perfect to shut out all distractions and just rest. 

So what do you think - are minimal bedrooms soothing or just empty?!

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Artist Spotlight: Reza Derakshani

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

 Today I am sharing the beautifully inspiring work of artist Reza Derakshani. Born in the Northeast of Iran he "grew up in a great black tent on top of a mountain, among horses and fields of blue and yellow wild flowers". Derakshani had his first solo show at the age of 19 in Tehran and now works and lives between Austin, Texas and Dubai. I have loved his paintings since I first saw his work in a gallery in Rome - the colors are so rich and saturated and I love how layered the paint feels. My favorites are those of the Day and Night series filled with the organic shapes which remind me of fallen leaves or maybe the wild flowers growing around his childhood home. In any event, I feel I could never tire of these amazing canvases - I hope they have inspired you as well!

The artist in his studio.

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Designer Tip: Rental Kitchen Upgrades

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

After years of living in rental apartments (and decorating quite as well!) I know that kitchens can be the hardest to make your own without engaging in heavy duty remodeling. No matter how basic the kitchen, here are a number of my favorite tips for creating a warm, beautiful space (and all can be accomplished in an afternoon or less!)

1} Paint a chalkboard accent wall. This is such a classic look and is as easy as painting a small wall - the black paint adds a lovely touch of drama and is so useful too! 

2} Add a runner. A small carpet adds warmth, personality and color to a kitchen and also feels nice underfoot (and conveniently hides the flooring if you don't love it!) Just be sure to pick an indoor-outdoor rug or a vintage piece works perfectly too - the worn character helps conceal stains

3} Switch out cabinet pulls and knobs. I cant tell you how quickly this makes a kitchen feel new! You can get pretty, classic knobs in brass or nickel at Ikea, online, or at the hardware store. Or try something different like these leather pulls above.

4} Add soft, task lighting. One of the worst offenders in a rental kitchen is usually the florescent overhead lighting! By adding an additional, softer light source like under-cabinet lighting or these swing arms from Ikea above you can create a whole different mood - one just right for cooking and chatting! 

5} Hang a large photo. Particularly in a tight or narrow kitchen, a large photo can really act as a window and bring in light. I find landscapes and cityscapes work especially well. 

6} Hang a temporary backsplash. A vibrant backsplash is a quick way to add pattern and texture to a bland kitchen. Temporary wall papers work perfectly! And yes, this is temp paper! Made specially for the kitchen it is even heat resistant and easy to clean.

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Simple Beauty

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016! Now closing in on our first week of the new year I just wanted to share some fresh, simple beauties. I love color but sometimes a lack of color can be so serene and welcoming. Wishing you all a beautiful, fresh, happy year to come!

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