Artist Spotlight: Reza Derakshani

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

 Today I am sharing the beautifully inspiring work of artist Reza Derakshani. Born in the Northeast of Iran he "grew up in a great black tent on top of a mountain, among horses and fields of blue and yellow wild flowers". Derakshani had his first solo show at the age of 19 in Tehran and now works and lives between Austin, Texas and Dubai. I have loved his paintings since I first saw his work in a gallery in Rome - the colors are so rich and saturated and I love how layered the paint feels. My favorites are those of the Day and Night series filled with the organic shapes which remind me of fallen leaves or maybe the wild flowers growing around his childhood home. In any event, I feel I could never tire of these amazing canvases - I hope they have inspired you as well!

The artist in his studio.

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