Friday, March 29, 2013

Yes, it's true we are heading off to Tuscany today! I adore Italy. I love the patina of everything, the tradition, the architecture and the pace of life. As Americans living in Asia, we don't get to visit the Europe too often so it's extra special when we do. I also lived in Italy for a year just after university so it's a very special place for me. I am so looking forward to time with my parents and with my hubby who has been working night and day these past few months. 

More to come soon!

Ciao a tutti! 
{Now let's just hope I can remember a least a bit of my Italian!}


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A Tuscan Dinner Party

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Later this week my hubby and I are meeting my parents in Tuscany! I am beyond excited! My mom's best friend always throws destination inspired dinner parties for friends right before they head out on a big trip {I know, you wish she was your best friend! lol} She is an amazing cook but it is also such a wonderful way to get the travelers in the right mindset and allow everyone else to share a taste of their travels! So today I was daydreaming today about what her Tuscan farewell dinner might include and all the delicious things we are going to eat when we arrive . . . . yum! 

What do you think K? Any great recipes here? 

What a lovely idea right! Have you every thrown a destination dinner party?

The dinner might start with these Pan di Ramerino rolls are a Tuscan classic at Easter time and look sooo delicious. I love the idea of rosemary + raisins + sea salt!

And it would be wonderful to try this hearty kale and White Bean Soup which Florence is famous for. 

Florence is known for its grilled meats, as well as pastas, and this simple Garlic & Herb Trout looks incredible! 

And of course a cheese plate is a must along with lots of Tuscan red wine!

And maybe finish with this traditional Florentine cake, Schiacciata alla Fiorentina, made with the amazing combo of orange zest + cocoa + and a hint of saffron. . .  wow!

Ok now I am really, really hungry! I can't wait to land in Tuscany! 

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Daily Dose: A Pop of Spring!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring Everyone! Now I know it might not feel like spring just yet everywhere, but I think a burst of warm color goes a long way to making it feel that way. I love the juxtaposition of these organic arrangements of poppies and tropical flowers against the 1960's mod abstract canvases behind. Both such simple vignettes but so pretty and warming! I really like how fresh blooms always help bring a space to life. 

Do you have any secret tips for encouraging Springtime?


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P.S. I Heart David Trubridge

One of the reasons I love blogging so much is how it can connect you everyone out there in cyberspace - even those you have never met! So after my post last week I was especially excited to get such a nice note from designer David Trubridge himself 

Thank you for such a lovely post Allison. It is so richly rewarding to let my children out into the far corners of the world and to see them bringing back stories of the people they meet, and the lives they have enriched.
- David

Thanks for the note David, and I promise my client will take very good care of her 'baby!' 

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I Heart: David Trubridge Ligthing

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I recently used a lovely David Trubridge Coral Pendant for a client here in Singapore and now I can not stop dreaming of owning one for myself! I love how the fixtures have a dramatic presence while also being so light, airy and organic in form. The Coral is equally at home in a mod, stylish dining room as in a chic nursery - a true test of versatility! There is just something so playful and appealing about these pendents and I adore the lattice patterned light they cast and that you can even order them with a hidden burst of color inside! 
Do you love them as much as I do? 

Plus, the fixtures even come in eco friendly {and surprisingly tiny} packing boxes. So cool!

David Trubridge is a New Zealand based company but they are available here or here for my US readers, and for those of you here in Singapore, I have a secret source with surprisingly reasonable prices if you are in the market! Just email me :)

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Daily Detail: A Beautiful Coffee Bar

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Those of you who know me well, know I adore coffee. I love how people get together over coffee, I love the warm taste and smell, and I really love how it reminds me of home in Seattle and being with my family. So naturally I was thrilled when an e-decorating client asked me to include a small coffee bar in his dining area. What a brilliant idea! I love the look of all the shiny coffee machines, colorful ceramics, and table linens out there, so it's easy to make this a pretty as well as very useful feature!  I especially like how here they incorporated pattered bowls and a small piece of art here. Machines can take up a lot of valuable counter space so this is also a wonderful space saving solution. Plus, there is something so welcoming and charming about a dedicated coffee corner. 

A must for our next home! Are you inspired to create a coffee bar? 

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House Tour: Industrial Vintage in Singapore

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love when I find inspiring interiors here in SGP! Formerly a drab office in the Joo Chiat neighborhood of Singapore, this loft is now open, spacious and chic. It was design by local firm Farm - a unique combination sculpture, architecture, graphics and product design studio. The decorator in me would add a few more pillows and rugs to soften it a bit but overall I love the airy and mod feel of the space mixed with the vintage inspired furnishings. I adore the geometric steel railings {so graphic } and also think the oversized kitchen island / dining table is such a creative and beautiful use of space. Any details you love?

Traditional, colonial architecture here is painted in black and white - and I love that they paid homage to this classic color palette!  


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Storage Solutions: Open Shelving

Monday, March 11, 2013

Now don't get me wrong, closed storage is essential in the kitchen {both for space and for sanity} but I also love the look of open shelving! I like the way everyday dishes, glassware and serving pieces look, so why hide it all away? I think the key is remembering it does not have to be too perfect or styled - otherwise it will drive you crazy, and I realize this look might not be for all personalities!

I actually kind of love the slightly messy and imperfect ones the most.
How about you . . . convinced?

{via & visit here to see more of my dreamy kitchen pins!}

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