Daily Detail: A Beautiful Coffee Bar

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Those of you who know me well, know I adore coffee. I love how people get together over coffee, I love the warm taste and smell, and I really love how it reminds me of home in Seattle and being with my family. So naturally I was thrilled when an e-decorating client asked me to include a small coffee bar in his dining area. What a brilliant idea! I love the look of all the shiny coffee machines, colorful ceramics, and table linens out there, so it's easy to make this a pretty as well as very useful feature!  I especially like how here they incorporated pattered bowls and a small piece of art here. Machines can take up a lot of valuable counter space so this is also a wonderful space saving solution. Plus, there is something so welcoming and charming about a dedicated coffee corner. 

A must for our next home! Are you inspired to create a coffee bar? 

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Jessica said...

I love this!

Karah said...

i love this set up! so pretty! i am obsessed with those bowls..the dark khaki and white ikat. they're from anthro, right? wish i had those..they're so cool! i love your blog! :)

bedroom clocks said...

the home is nice, having a baby is pretty. many toy to play,many math.Warm.

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