Refresh with Colored Matting!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You might not realize it at first glance but much of how a piece of art looks on the wall is actually due to the framing and matting! Clients are often surprised that we suggest keeping pieces they think are tired looking and simply reframing them. One lively solution for updating your art and prints is colored matting! It adds a whole new dimension to the pieces and gives them so much more presence. Plus I love to see color infused in unexpected places. If custom frames are out of the budget, a great solution is to get the framing shop to cut your matting for you but substitute Ikea or Target frames instead - they have some great looking options! 

I adore how the tomato red, gray, and black matted pieces look against that bold wall paper above! {via Lonny}

The pink unifies all the images even though they are different shapes and sizes {via}

So fun with the black and white images inside! {via Martha Stewart}

These framed drawings look so playful with the rainbow of colored matting. But of course its chic, its the bedroom of Andy and Kate Spade's little girl. {via The Selby}

Love how the matting echoes the colors of the upholstered chair! {via}

These prints would have disappeared in white mats - doesn't the choice of black add such drama! {via Southern Accents}

This is also a great reminder that frames and matting do not have to match to form a beautiful grouping! Hope this inspires you to mix it up! 

xo Allison

Kelly Wearstler for Bergdorf Goodman

Monday, May 30, 2011

I have a giant style crush on the lovely Kelly Wearstler. Her bold and dramatic interiors are just amazing! So naturally I am especially crazy for her line of very chic home accessories for Bergdorf Goodman. Accessories are the perfect opportunity to bring texture, visual interest, and personality into your interior and these by KW are just so glamourous! They are certainly not inexpensive but they are the kind of iconic, confident pieces that can really make a room. I love color, but these pieces done mostly in black, white, gray and metallics are not lacking a thing! 

KW Boutique at Bergdorf Goodman

KW's chic offices

Just to die for right? Which piece is your favorite? You can see the full line here

{all images via Lonny March- April 2011 and Kelly Wearstler}

xo Allison 

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing long weekend where ever you are! I am headed to a picnic and Chopin concert in the park.  It will probably not look quite like the picnic above but what a fabulous source of inspiration!  Enjoy and happy weekend! 

xo Allison

Tropical Indonesian Glamour

Friday, May 27, 2011

So if I was to plan my dream getaway for the long holiday weekend - I would surely be headed here: the private island resort of Pulau Joyo.  True luxury! The company owns a few other islands nearby and we had the chance to stay at a smaller and less fancy version last year with a bunch friends - it was a weekend I will never forget! So of course when they opened this gorgeous new resort, it was instantly on my Dream Getaway list! I love the eclectic, beachy, and tropical approach to glamour. The so-called driftwood palaces, are constructed with mostly local materials and interiors are so chic but not overdone - so Ralph Lauren to me! What do you guys think . . . worth a visit to S.E. Asia?


{All images courtesy of Pulau Joyo}

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

xo Allison

Summer Guest Room

How clever are these suspended beds? I also love the orange and white color scheme and the  walls lined with ticking stripes! It's definitely going in my Future Beach house inspiration files. Hope you are all enjoying a bit of warmer weather and getting in the summer spirit! 

{Image via Costal Living}

xo Allison 

Inspired IKEA Interiors . . . {Yes it's true!}

Thursday, May 26, 2011

IKEA furniture is everywhere! I think because it is super well priced, easily accessible, and well, it just does the job. The bad news is we have all seen it look downright cheap and boxy. The good news is IKEA has a beautifully styled blog to help us envision these mass produced pieces look unique. It's overflowing with lovely images of IKEA furniture in charming and stylish interiors! It is written in Swedish but the google translate bar at the top can fix this. The key is the mix of the old and the new and of course not using too much IKEA furniture in one space. Enjoy!

Here are few of my favorite inspired IKEA interiors: 

{All images via Livet Hemma Ikea blog} 

Beautiful photo styling right!? Which room is your favorite? 

xo Allison 

Inspired Plum!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two days ago I shared my favorite Lavender Lovelies and promised no more purple for a bit - but I can't help it - I am also in love with plum! Plum is the vivacious, dramatic, and warm cousin of lavender so I had to include her! Plum looks fantastic with other bold colors and can really hold its own in a room. Our wedding colors were ivory, plum, and navy blue - a combo I will forever love. So enjoy a little plum {and then I really promise to stop with all the purple!}

Plum in the kitchen is unexpected but so beautiful! It's perfect here since there are open shelves instead of  solid upper cabinets - that would have been overwhelming I think! {via}

Just the ceiling of this chic dining room was painted but it gives such warmth. Also I adore the geometric painted floors! {via}

This chair is so inviting and the purple adds just the right amount of color to a mostly neutral space {via}

Plum can feel so traditional at times too - I love it mixed here contrasted with Swedish antiques {via}

How fun is this purple velvet plaid sofa? Sounds crazy but it really works here! {via}

A toned down plum is so calming {via}

This oversized pendant is wonderful and even with the such minimal furniture, the bedroom is really memorable! {via}

xo Allison

{P.S.} Lavender Lovelies

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I just came across this perfectly faded lavender bedroom and just had to share! I love the uneven, rustic texture to the plaster walls and the delicate moldings. So charming and antique!

{Image via}

xo Allison 

Lavender Lovelies

Monday, May 23, 2011

I know I am far from alone, but I am just totally nuts for purple lately! I actually think my subconscious love of purple began with a special pair of lavender glitter jelly sandals I got at around age four. I have never recovered and still adore purple - especially the soft and cool tones of lavender - it's modern but feminine, cool but inviting! So, here are few of the lavender rooms I covet most . . .

{I adore the image above - and those charming window treatments! via

Mixed with natural linens and modern lines, lavender gives a boost of personality! {via}

The pale, pale lavender glossy lampshades are a lovely touch {via}

A simple entry goes lavender! {via}

Perhaps a little too frilly to live with, but a lavender dressing room like this is pretty amazing {via}

What a great paint treatment in here too {via}

Love the layering of purples {via Domino}

Lavender velvet tufted headboard - gorgeous! {via}

 No promises I will not overwhelm you with more purple later - but for today I had my lavender fix!

xo Allison

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