Color Everywhere: Beautiful Bookcases

Monday, May 9, 2011

I love unexpected bursts of color! Adding a vibrant color or pattern lining a bookcase or cabinet is such a lovely design trick! Its so easy to do and adds so much depth to a room - plus the contrast of the color behind helps all the items you already have in your bookcase stand out. Here are few examples of bookcase perfection! 

{Above: Oh, aqua in high gloss! by Angele Parlange, featured in Lonny magazine}

The ever genius Albert Hadley lined this cabinet with faux tortoise shell wall covering by Schumacher - so luxe!

The olive green is so beautiful and warm! by Celerie Kemble {via}

Designer Eldon Wong picked a vibrant red for the interior of this built in cupboard in an 18th century stone home - so bold! {via House Beautiful}

I love the combo of pale blue and green in this cozy Hamptons living room by Steven Gambrel.

A library I designed in Brooklyn - the deep plum color was picked to tie in the jewel tones of the persian rug! 

The polka dotted paper adds so much life to a standard bookcase! Great home for extra wallpaper! By Ellie Somerville {via Lonny June-July 2010}

Michael Bastian's kitchen {via Esquire}

Tropical inspired kitchen by Tom Scheerer {photo by Matthew Hranek}

I adore the drama of the white plates against this matte black paint! Designed by Todd Roman0 {via House Beautiful}

A fresh spring green-yellow backdrop by Victoria Thompson {via Lonny}

I am so crazy for this china pantry by Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kocher! The shelving is very basic and inexpensive but the soft blue makes the whole space so charming! {via Lonny Oct-November 2009}

Get Colorful!
xo Allison 

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Blue Fruit said...

Stunning examples. The red paint/paper behind the china is positively jumping out of the image! And blue and green, well, whoever was the twit who said blue and green shouldn't be seen? Because here they look fabulous!

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