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Friday, May 27, 2011

So if I was to plan my dream getaway for the long holiday weekend - I would surely be headed here: the private island resort of Pulau Joyo.  True luxury! The company owns a few other islands nearby and we had the chance to stay at a smaller and less fancy version last year with a bunch friends - it was a weekend I will never forget! So of course when they opened this gorgeous new resort, it was instantly on my Dream Getaway list! I love the eclectic, beachy, and tropical approach to glamour. The so-called driftwood palaces, are constructed with mostly local materials and interiors are so chic but not overdone - so Ralph Lauren to me! What do you guys think . . . worth a visit to S.E. Asia?


{All images courtesy of Pulau Joyo}

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

xo Allison

1 comment:

CoolBites said...

wow...looks amazingly idyllic ! I can picture myself getting married there ,surrounded by a bunch of good friends ;P

Happy weekend!!

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