Southern Loving: Gone With the Wind

Thursday, May 12, 2011


love to read, especially classics, so I was surprised to realize as of a month ago I had not read the oh so famous Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell! If you have not experienced this book you must! It was worth it for the description of the clothing, interiors and landscapes alone! My head has been swirling with images of shady porches, lace curtains, tree lined drives and beautiful taffeta dresses even weeks after finishing the novel.  So glamorous, dramatic, and moody! Now I am off to rent the film!

A beautiful costume sketch for the film, drawn by Walter Plukett {via}


Love this graphic poster! {via}

A perfect Southern garden luncheon - so charming! {via}

Classic buttermilk fried chicken - I love how descriptive the book is about all details, including food. If you are craving some, try out this recipe

Not sure if I love the silver cups or the mint juleps more! {via}

Classic shaded terrace - I love the all greenery looks against the whites and grays! {via Southern Accents}

Hope y'all have a lovely day! 
xoxo Allison

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