Color Combo: Mint + Black

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I love all the pastels I keep seeing in fashion and decor - especially throughout the winter season. I adore minty greens and love all of them from the more ice blue based mints to the dustier sage colored ones. But mint can get a little too precious so why not pair it with a bit of black? It adds a modern edge and ground the pale tones plus the contrast is so chic! It's the perfect balance of pretty and bold. Here is a little inspiration . . . this might just be my new favorite color combo! 

How fantastic with a burst of raspberry worked in too!

{p.s. Can you believe that very sleek mod kitchen is Ikea? wow!}


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Dream Getaway: A Chic & Cozy Austrian Lodge

Monday, January 28, 2013

I love ski trips! And while I do like skiing, what I really adore the most is the warm, casual and oh so cozy feeling of small and wintery mountain towns. We had an amazing ski trip to France a few years ago and I am still dreaming about the charming chalet and nights spent by the fire drinking wine. So when I saw the fantastic ski lodge Jagdgut Wachtelhof in Austria I had to share! I love how rustic and traditional these interiors are with just an edge of modern style and a few luxe finishes. It reminds me a of a gorgeous old family home and I am surprised how lovely the combo of black, forest green, cream and red is! 

Any details you love?

Definitely adding it to our must visit list - I have a feeling my husband would adore it too - every ski season spent in tropical Singapore kills him! 

{via Lonny Jan-Feb}

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1-2-3: A British Inspired Kitchen

Friday, January 25, 2013

I adore a beautiful and cozy kitchen. I love cooking, gathering with family to chat and drinking coffee - to me a charming kitchen is one best luxuries in life. But as someone who is always renting apartments I am always searching for ideas on how to make the most of a small kitchen you can't remodel! I love the transformation of this small but bold kitchen. A coat of deep blue paint helps disguise a multitude of sins including exposed pipes and cracking drywall and the open shelving creates a more roomy feeling and provides space for loads of pretty porcelain, sliver and trays. I can't be sure but I think they painted the floor as well as the ceiling, trim and walls - just brilliant! If I could change one thing I would certainly get rid of the old, yellowed ceiling fan but I am sure it helps keep the space cool when cooking! 

Do you have any tips for making the most of a small and outdated kitchen?  

{kitchen via}

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Daily Detail: Monocrome Chic

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today I am dying over this ultra chic bedroom! I sadly do not recall where I found the image so I don't know where the interior is located but I love that it easily could be anyplace from in L.A. to Milan and could have been decorated in 1954 or 2013 - it's so mod yet so timeless! {but honestly after spying the electrical outlets if I had to guess I might say modern day Europe. . . any guesses?} 

Why it works:
{1} Drastically oversized art gives such drama while thin gold frames break it up and keep a balance of scale
{2} Very simple, white bedding keeps the space crisp and mod
{3} Slender black table lamps give a bit of height and soften the horizontal lines
{4} Small bedside tables add depth with warm wood tones

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Love or Loathe: Cacti?

Monday, January 21, 2013

I love the organic and textural feel plants bring to an interior but find them so hard to keep alive! Which got me thinking about cacti - they have a fantastic sculptural quality and are pretty much indestructible.  I am not sure how they would like life here in steamy Singapore but I figure if they flourish indoors at my family's home in equally damp Seattle, then why not! I also love how cacti naturally grow in such soft, dusty shades of mint, sage, purple and gray and I especially like them mixed in with other types of plants.

So what is your take? Love cacti indoor or find them a bit too rustic? 

{via and via}

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Victorian Modern Inspiration

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This week a close friend asked for a bit of help sourcing Victorian and vintage industrial interiors - combine that with the fact that I am completely obsessed with Downton Abbey, and the result was hours and hours spent poring over all kinds of moody and romantic inspiration images. So I thought I would share my favorites . . . I particularly love the ones which blend in a bit of modernity too!

 I hope that you love them too {and that these are helpful S!}


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