Inspired Plum!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two days ago I shared my favorite Lavender Lovelies and promised no more purple for a bit - but I can't help it - I am also in love with plum! Plum is the vivacious, dramatic, and warm cousin of lavender so I had to include her! Plum looks fantastic with other bold colors and can really hold its own in a room. Our wedding colors were ivory, plum, and navy blue - a combo I will forever love. So enjoy a little plum {and then I really promise to stop with all the purple!}

Plum in the kitchen is unexpected but so beautiful! It's perfect here since there are open shelves instead of  solid upper cabinets - that would have been overwhelming I think! {via}

Just the ceiling of this chic dining room was painted but it gives such warmth. Also I adore the geometric painted floors! {via}

This chair is so inviting and the purple adds just the right amount of color to a mostly neutral space {via}

Plum can feel so traditional at times too - I love it mixed here contrasted with Swedish antiques {via}

How fun is this purple velvet plaid sofa? Sounds crazy but it really works here! {via}

A toned down plum is so calming {via}

This oversized pendant is wonderful and even with the such minimal furniture, the bedroom is really memorable! {via}

xo Allison


Jessie said...

Plum is a nice color but in my opinion, it should be used in minimal doses.


Blue Fruit said...

so that would be Professor Plum in the kitchen, Professor Plum in the dining room?

guess we know which part you would play in cluedo!

but in all seriousness, rather loving that dining room. it's growing on me....

Samantha Kay said...

I love the plum chair... it looked so comfy!

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