Design Dilema: Velvet Sofas?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I was just discussing velvet sofas with a close friend here in Singapore. I adore the lush, inviting look of velvet sofas {no design dilema there!} but what about in a tropical climate? The extra hot and humid weather can really limit your design options here at times. I rounded up some inspirational images that visually lend themselves to warmer locations and look great but what about the feel? I think I might prefer linens and cottons only for Singapore - it's just so sticky! {well, maybe if we keep the air con on and the doors shut!} 

What do you think, can velvet work when it's hot year round? 

I especially love the rich depth of color and texture this indigo sofa in the 1st image brings! 

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rym said...

Hello, i have been following your blog for some time now, and i think its the first time i comment! About the sofa, i live on the mediterranean, it gets very hot,sticky and humid in summer,and having a velvet sofa didnt help at all, always feels like we are suffocating and i cant wait till i change the fabric! Hope this helps :)

Leslie said...

Those look gorgeous! I'm definitely a fan. :)

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