Designer Tips: 9 Tips to Create a Luxe Bath

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathrooms can often overwhelming and costly to decorate, but there are lots of easy tricks to create a warm, luxe, lounge-worthy bath! Even if you can't remodel to get your dream space, how about trying any of these ways of infusing a little style and softness in your bath? I live in a rental but even adding a small bud vase of cut orchids, a yummy rosemary scented candle, and a few pretty rattan baskets made a huge difference {now, if only my landlord would just remove all those awful golden colored stone tiles!}

{1} Pick a calming wall color or color palette. Our mood is so easily affected by color! Pick a soothing hue or just one that makes you happy {ohhh.... I am thinking lavender}

{2} De-clutter + organize! There are tons of great decorative baskets, trays, and boxes out there and hiding away some of the daily bathroom clutter can give the whole space a more peaceful feel. This can be a free but very effective way to start.

{3} Add dimmer or decorative light fixtures for soft lighting - harsh, overhead lighting can spoil the mood in even a spa! Sometimes just switching out your bulbs can create more inviting lighting.

{4} Infuse your bath with a beautiful scent – candles or diffusers help the whole space feel instantly more relaxing and lush.

{5} Buy some plush, oversized towels - getting out of the shower or bath to a thick, cozy towel makes me feel like I am at a fancy hotel!

{6} Add upholstered furniture pieces - a soft stool to sit on makes a huge difference, try indoor-outdoor fabrics to help with wear and tear. 

{7} Add art - why not? Art in the bath creates visual interested and brings in color.

{8} Incorporate at least one antique or vintage piece – it helps take the hard edge off a cold looking bathroom and lends some patina! {art will help this too}

{9} Bring in nature - plants and flowers are a super simple and really lovely touch! 

Hope one or two of these ideas help you add a little luxe to your bath! 

{via, more bath inspirations here too!}

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Leslie said...

Great tips! I agree that small changes make a big difference.

Glamour Drops said...

Some lovey ideas. What's wrong with your golden stone tiles? They sound beautiful described that way, so I am curious!

Amberly said...

Wow I love your blog - I'm so glad I discovered it! You offer such great design tips, I can't wait to read more. I love this post especially - totally inspired by that look in photo #3 with the metal cabinet! :)


bathroom designs said...

Wow great tips on bathroom decoration, I love all the pictures! :) When we decided to renovate our bathroom my boyfriend said it was not necessary to put too much effort on its decoration, but I think bathroom has to be a place for relax and comfort, and it has to be well decorated! Don't you think so? :) We finally bought some products from Roca: faucets, sinks, toilet and shower, and I had some DYI ideas to decorate the room. Fantastic result! I am very proud of it!

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