Refresh with Colored Matting!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You might not realize it at first glance but much of how a piece of art looks on the wall is actually due to the framing and matting! Clients are often surprised that we suggest keeping pieces they think are tired looking and simply reframing them. One lively solution for updating your art and prints is colored matting! It adds a whole new dimension to the pieces and gives them so much more presence. Plus I love to see color infused in unexpected places. If custom frames are out of the budget, a great solution is to get the framing shop to cut your matting for you but substitute Ikea or Target frames instead - they have some great looking options! 

I adore how the tomato red, gray, and black matted pieces look against that bold wall paper above! {via Lonny}

The pink unifies all the images even though they are different shapes and sizes {via}

So fun with the black and white images inside! {via Martha Stewart}

These framed drawings look so playful with the rainbow of colored matting. But of course its chic, its the bedroom of Andy and Kate Spade's little girl. {via The Selby}

Love how the matting echoes the colors of the upholstered chair! {via}

These prints would have disappeared in white mats - doesn't the choice of black add such drama! {via Southern Accents}

This is also a great reminder that frames and matting do not have to match to form a beautiful grouping! Hope this inspires you to mix it up! 

xo Allison


Jessie said...

Inspirational post. Sometimes, we seldom think outside the white matting box so it's a great idea to have fun and do something beautiful and unexpected!


Anna said...

I wish there were more inexpensive framing services. I have stacks of artwork to be framed (some professional, some by my daughter) and can't bring myself to do anything other than cheapo West Elm frames. Any ideas?

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