Southern Inspiration {Part 2}!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


After posting yesterday on Gone With the Wind, I am still dreaming of Southern style . . .  Sigh, sometimes after seeing so many cold modern spaces, these classic interiors feel just so welcoming!  Here are some more lovely inspirations that remind of the elegance and warmth from south of the Mason-Dixon line! 



Tea in the garden? yes please! The octagonal sunroom is so beautiful! {via}

These notes are just too perfect - From Sparrow Nest Script in North Carolina {available via Etsy}

I love this image! Southern belles featured in Life magazine {via}

Something about these gorgeous blooms against the vintage wallpaper felt so Southern to me {via}

I love this tree lined lane! {via}


Souther Comfort punch garnished with masses of fresh lemons {via Martha Stewart}

A modern version of a lovely southern veranda. I like the painted door and shock of coral pillows! {via Southern Living}

So dreamy and a bit victorian! {via}

Southern sweet tea! {via}


I love how tradition, grace, and a liveliness combine to form a true Southern style! 
Happy Weekend!

xo Allison


Blue Fruit said...

Oh yes, I'll come to tea in that pretty garden! How lovely that crochet screen wall thingy is! Very pretty post.

Allison Egan said...

agree- that crochet screen is so fun right! where could you get one of those!????

Maria said...

yes, yes, tea in that garden! and I especially like the 2nd image...Happy weekend

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