Manly Sophistication

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes people think any designed interior is automatically girly - I beg to differ! Some of the best and most sophisticated designs are plenty masculine and a bit tough too. It's often a big challenge as a designer to create a room that both male and female clients love. The key is the layering of materials! All of these beautiful spaces rely on many varying tones of metals, woods, leathers, and fabrics - all in neutral tones - to bring the interior together. All of these rooms also share interesting collections of objects, art, and vintage pieces to add even more texture. 

 See guys - you don't be afraid of interior design - gorgeous style can be truly unisex! 

{Images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4}

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Anonymous said...

So true! I love the less frou-frou variety of well designed rooms, and a good man pad! Thanks for sharing : )

Jessie said...

I love a beautifully designed masculine home, too! I really don't mind living in any of these gorgeous spaces! :)

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kursi minimalis modern said...

Nice design and model.. looking good for me.

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