Designer Tip: Making Silver Modern

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Most of us wait for the holidays to break out the good silverware and family pieces. But I just love the sense of tradition and classic elegance that aged silver brings - so why not use it everyday? Vintage silver pieces can look a bit old fashioned, so here are 3 designer tips to help make these antiques feel fresh and modern even in a contemporary interior:

{1} Break it up! Mix silver in with different materials and finishes - I especially love the contrast with simple white ceramics or rustic and organic textures.

{2} Don't over polish. Let your silver show its patina and age! This also helps creates a look that is more layered than fancy.

{3} Repurpose it. It's so unexpected and fun to see classic forms used in a new way! 

Traditional tea trays in three lovely new ways! {So brilliant to use them as magnetic boards!}

A toast rack makes a perfect mail organizer! 

If you don't have family pieces, there are plenty of silver plate pieces at antique and resale shops - I love imaging the hidden histories of pieces I find. I recently picked up a silver tray for my perfume bottles at Hock Siong here in Singapore and I adore the bit of glam it adds to my countertop! 

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Laura Madalene said...

Your design tips really helpful and it make me more happy. I already collect many Home Decor Ideas but your ideas is best.

Ann said...

I think the idea that silver is not really modern is what I love about it. Even that gorgeous tarnished feel looks gorgeous contrasted against sleeker, starker backgrounds. I have another American friend, here in Japan, that still uses her family silver. That stuff has been dined upon in several countries while her family has moved about - there's something really sweet about it!

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