DIY Decor: Cozy Gallery Corner

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I love a gallery wall but instead of picking an expected space, like the long wall over a sideboard, today's DIY inspiration is to create a cozy gallery corner! Corners usually are neglected or a bit awkward for displaying art but by working with loads of smaller pieces, you can quickly create a layered, bohemian vibe. The best part is the frames and art pieces do not have to match, I love the look of the combination of textures, colors and artistic mediums. Perfect for displaying travel photos, Etsy artist finds, a favorite family snapshot or flea market pieces! 

When building a gallery wall, I lay out all the pieces I have and then start at the center and work outwards. I think it's important to do this organically and do not worry if the edges of pieces line up - in fact better if they do not! It's wonderful to add pieces to your gallery corner over time, but I suggest starting with at least 6 or 7 frames to achieve the look. 

                         Hope this inspires you to spice up a lonely corner in your house! 

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