Designer Tip: Creating Lovely Layered Neutrals

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I am so drawn to spaces with a palette of rich, layered neutrals. I love the calming, luxe feel of a room based on soft and natural tones, but this look can quickly veer towards boring or bland in the wrong hands. So here are my top 5 tricks for creating an inviting, visually interesting and warm spaces using neutral hues!

{1.} Bring in a variety of textures and materials. Color is only one dimension of what makes a space dynamic - textures and finishes can add amazing contrast. How about: vintage mercury glass + rustic linen + glam chrome + natural wood + lush wool + swirly veined marble. 

{2.} Use a range of neutral hues. Just because the space is neutral it does not have to be all beige - try adding highs and lows within the same natural color family.

{3.} Stick to warm or cool neutrals. I usually don't believe in design rules, but for me warm browns and cool grays really fight - pick one or the other and build from there.

{4.} Add in tiny bit of unexpected color. Ok, I know these are all natural hued interiors, but a small accessory or textile sets off neutrals perfectly. A bunch of greens or flowers works especially well! 

{5.} Pile on the pattern. Omitting bold colors really gives you freedom to incorporate lots of different patters without overdoing it. Be sure to try patterns of varying scale and form. 

I am loving all of these subtle layered tones! 
What do you think . . . have I convinced you neutrals are not dull? 

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ambika said...

i love this post. its amazingly written. next place i have, def want to use this theme. thanks for the excellent posts!

Aishah Suprat said...

Hello Allison...
Love your blog.
Do you have styling suggestions to make a industrial-style HDB apartment cozier (eg. cement screed floors, white walls, exposed beams)?

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