Interior Design + Mommyhood: Good Night Moon

Monday, February 2, 2015

I love when two parts of your world collide and as a decorator and new mom, this Good Night Moon commentary just really made me laugh! I love reading this wonderful classic to Wyatt every night but always wonder about the interior design choices made -- so fun to see I was not alone! But it also got me thinking, can a red, yellow and green room be chic? The key is a more sophisticated palette, but yes I think so! Here are a few of my favorite more modern takes . . .

Good Night Everyone! 

“So what color have we decided on for the upstairs child’s bedroom?”
Which child’s bedroom?”
“The enormous one.  The one with the expansive tomato-colored floor.”
“I was thinking for that room maybe a dark green?”
“Really?  Dark green?  You don’t think maybe dark green walls with a tomato-colored floor is a bit much?”
No, it’ll look amazing.  We can break up the monotony of the color with some dark green and yellow striped curtains.”
“That’s an amazing idea.  On non-matching red and yellow spearhead curtain rods?  Do you think a tiger skin rug would be overkill?”
For a young child’s room?  No.  Not at all.  ”  
 {via The Ugly Volvo}

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