Bali Chic . . . Part Deux

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For me, one of the defining characteristics of Bali Chic is the graceful juxtaposition between the ornamental and the plain. Bali has a wonderful tradition of wood and stone carving but has also managed to embrace some modernist restraint and clean lines. This play of elaborate and simple spaces is shown particularly well in the new architecture in Bali. I call it a type of organic modernism! We were lucky enough to stay in a house, Villa Double N, for the weekend (Please don’t hate me, but it was amazing! And shockingly affordable in the off-season for sure!) I hope to return to Villa Double N again soon! 

 Villa Double N at night . . .  Beautiful! The architect was Jeghier Architecture, with offices in Bali and Malaysia, 

The intricately carved wood and limestone gate marking the entrance to Villa Double N! What a welcome! (photos by Noe Rebull!)

 Close up of the wooden doors with decorative brass studs . . . 

Outdoor lounge furnished with bamboo shades and Balinese day beds. I especially love the sea green and soft peach they used for the upholstery. The small tables are also perfect!
A traditionally carved stone planter filled with water lilies on the grounds of the villa.

 View of the rice paddies from the top floor! 

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I just love to read your posts!! Absolutely wonderful! Keep it up!

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