I Heart Hable Construction

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The textile design company was founded by sisters Katharine and Susan Hable in 1998 and is named after their great-grandfather's road construction business. Hable's textile designs are graphic, bold, organic and done in beautiful bright tones. They sell fabric to the trade only but they also have a great line of pillows and storage pieces available on-line. Hable textiles crafts colorful hand-printed canvas and cotton/linen patterned fabrics using traditional techniques in an old New England factory.

Now, pillows are one of my great obsessions. I just can't find another item which can so quickly breath life and personality into a space. They are easy to change and a fantastic way to add color! These pillows come in 16” x 16”, 14” x 18” and 20” x 20”. Here are a few of my favorites….

In addition to the pillows, they offer stylish and functional storage - a rare combo! The bushel has a sturdy steel frame to hold everything from toys to firewood, recycling, laundry, and towels. The canvas storage boxes are also a cherry way to corral magazines, files, hats and gloves or anything else!

Hable has so many more great patterns than I was able to show… 

Visit their site! www.hableconstruction.com 

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