Tuesday's Tip: Bare it All

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I recently have been so drawn to bare floors! As a designer, the carpet or area rug is usually the first place you start when you create a space, but what about forgoing it altogether? I thought at first it might be cold or barren but when done right - I think the lack of a floor covering is so breezy and chic! 

 3 tips to make this look work at home:

{1} Be sure the room has plenty of other textiles, fabrics, or upholstery - this will soften the look
{2} Don't worry if your floors are not perfect - if they have patina and and you love them, then go for it 
{3}  Fill the space with extra visual interest and texture from art and accessories - this will create a lovely contrast with the bare floors below!

Kind of freeing right!? If this look is not totally for you, a great solution is to add a few small vintage throw rugs or sheepskins just where you need them most! 

{images via 1. 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 - 9}

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Leslie said...

When you have such beautiful floors, it'd be a shame to cover them. I love the look; it's very pristine.

homestilo said...

There is something that feels so "clean" about this look.

Amanda said...

I love being as rug-free as possible. It somehow seems to create more seamlessness and space.

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

What an interesting idea! I am always partial to area rugs then wall to wall. I don't think I'd ever go completely without, but I do love the look!

Amelia @ House Pretty said...

I need to invest in some beautiful floors pronto! I've been wondering if it's possible to go rug-free, mostly because I have a dog that insists on peeing on our living room rug (gross, but sadly true).

Barbara@HausDesign said...

Great points about working without a rug. One of my favorite rooms (and floors) lately is the one you show from the Canadian House and Home Showhouse - and it's funny because I hadn't even noticed the room didn't have a rug - I guess they did it so well I didn't see it was missing anything! :)

Claudia Lane said...

love this post...I love bare floorboards, they have a natural warmth, they do not need much around (or on) them xo

Anya adores said...

We have bare floorboards in our home - luckily we have underfloor heating - otherwise it would be rather freezing during the winters here. I love them - but on the lookout for a Kelim rug as we speak. These images are very lovely.
Happy wednesday to you,

Jessie said...

These floors are gorgeous! Love the natural look. Great inspirations, Allison!


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