Decorating Progress: A Perfect Picture Ledge

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am very slowly making headway on decorating our place {it always seems to fall last on the list of course!} There is one wall in corner of the living room which is feeling very empty and I just decided it would be a wonderful place for a picture ledge. I love how collected and natural art and objects can look leaning on a ledge, and even better you can move and rotate things as you want! I am thinking of this simple white one from Ikea {what a deal too!} but also really like the metallic brushed finish of this silver toned one from Crate & Barrel. Here is a bit of my inspiration . . .  

The very blank wall in question. Do you like a white wood or brushed silver finish? 

I love the contrast of mixed frames used here, and the pale, pale mint wall color is so pretty but still modern.

And now for the most fun part . . . off to scour Etsy for lovely photos, small painting or vintage prints to add to my ledge! 

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Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Ooooh I'm in love with every room!

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