He's Arrived!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sorry for blogging silence of late but I am thrilled to say it's due to the arrival of our little boy! He arrived in a hurry on 8.8.14 here in Singapore and we are already so in love! Here is a quick peak at his nursery {which is certainly a work in progress!} but which I had so much fun putting together. 

Hope all of you are having a week as beautiful and busy as we are!  

Baby W at one week - life is exhausting as a baby! 

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Cristina P said...

Congratulation Allison and welcome little W! :-)

Leslie said...

Congratulations! The nursery is lovely, and baby Wyatt even more so!

lynda@verandah living said...

Congratulations Alison! I am also blessed with a son born on lucky 8th of the 8th (2003) - a most auspicious date. All the best to you both.

Dimples Young said...

congrats Miss Allison! very cute little room for baby Wyatt! its very unique name also..
xx Dimples

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