Design Dilema: A Dark + Stylish Bath

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A very dear friend is tackling a full house remodel in the US and asked me for some help, they have selected timeless finishes with a modern farmhouse aesthetic but wanted the powder room to be dark and dramatic - so much fun! People often worry that dark tones will make a space feel cramped, but a powder room is actually the perfect place for a dark wall or bold patterned paper.  I love the depth and sophistication dark walls can add, but be sure to temper them with wood tones, whites and other light neutrals (otherwise the space can start to resemble a slick nightclub restroom, haha). 

Here are our inspirations . . .  so excited to see the finished product!

The texture of the subway tiles is a great way to give a lovely, more rustic feel

I love the use of white ship's lap below to help break up the rich charcoal walls above! 

A perfect last image, even just a peak into the dramatic bathroom gives the whole home a bit of edge! 

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