I Heart Flamant Home Interiors

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On a recent afternoon wandering in Paris, I had the pleasure of discovering the beautiful home store Flamant. The window displays had an instant appeal - a chic mixture of rustic, vintage charm and polished details. The company was began in Brussels by three brothers and today boasts shops in England, Germany, France, Holland and even Japan and Russia. While the size of the company could easily make for an uninspired collection - this is far from true! I was especially taken with how nothing in the shop looked brand new - each piece had a lovingly worn and vintage element. To me, this along with Flamant's great color sensibility creates a winning home store! They even have developed their own custom paint palette in a range of beautifully dusty tones. Definitely a shop worth visiting (online, if not in person)! A beautiful reminder that retail does not have to equal cookie-cutter. . . Enjoy! 

Bon Week-End! 

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