Current Obsession: Oversized Green Glass

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lately I am crazy over the large, blown green glass I am spotting. I love the luminous, organic and imperfect quality of the glass and of course the color. I especially like how these oversized pieces look in a white, minimal interior - it just lets them shine a little bit more. . . . 

Do you share my obsession? 

This is just perfection to me {period!}

So pretty and unexpected on top of the fridge! The warmth of the vases and the wicker baskets beautifully balance all of the stainless steel. 

You can get this stunner at Terrain - I just love this rich green tone! I was so excited to find such a gorgeous retail option {and be sure the check out all the other lovely finds at Terrain}

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Leslie said...

Those are beautiful! I remember when we went to Jamestown they had tons of green glass; I guess it had something to do with how the glass is made. Those are all stunning pieces.

Cristina said...

I share your obsession :-) In fact at home I have a small colelction of them (in green, ambre and transparent)

Emma said...

I have a similar in clear glass sitting on my kitchen table but am loving the green! Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

The Vintique Object said...

I'm just going to give you a big ol' AMEN on this one. I recently inherited my grandmother's green glass canisters and they are my absolute favorite things to arrange flowers in.
Green glass rocks.

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