Singapore Style: A Living Room 2 Ways

Friday, February 8, 2013

I am working on a fun design project here in Singapore and thought I would share a peak! I always select rugs at the beginning of the design process as they can really shape the style of the entire room - these living room mockups are a perfect example. They both share the same streamlined gray sofa and organic light fixture (which we already decided on) but the rug options take the room in very different directions! A tribal pattered rug in dove gray and indigo leads to a sophisticated and layered space, while the blue and ivory stripe heads towards a brighter and more casual design. My client is still thinking over the two rug options and she says she loves them both, so lets help her out - what is your vote? 

Living Room 1 // Crate & Barrel Tulyn Rug

Living Room 2 // Dash & Albert Trimaran Stripe Rug
{as an added bonus this is an indoor-outdoor rug, you can even bleach it - amazing for a young family!}

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Leslie said...

I love the first design so much! I've been trying to do something similar, and I love your design.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...


travelshopa said...

Nice work. They are both quite different and it would depend on the personal style of the owners and look/feel of the rest of the house. Living Room 1 is a more mature look, very balanced, whereas Living Room 2 oozes fun and colour - perfect for a young family.
Good luck with your project. Looks like a fun one.

Sharon de Jager said...

I like both but the second one lends itself to adding more elements which I quite like...the client has the final say I am sure.

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