Dining Room Layout: Cozy Banquettes

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dining banquettes have a way of making any eating area feel special - they are just so cozy and inviting {I don't know about you, but I always want to sit the booth at a restaurant!} They offer a fantastic alternative to the traditional, expected layout of a table with a set of 6 or 8 dining chairs and I love the softness they add to dining rooms and eat-in kitchens, which can often be a bit hard. Plus, banquettes are actually wonderful for small spaces, allowing extra guests to crowd in when needed! And I know it might seem scary to have this much upholstery in a dining room or kitchen, but using an indoor-outdoor fabric is a great way to prevent worry over any spills or stains. 

Banquettes to the rescue - a perfect example of turning a cramped corner into a cozy eating nook. And I love the organic-mod styling! 

Too cute not to share! Plus what a great use of stools as opposed to chairs on the end.

Eclectic and charming - note the cleaver storage below the seating too!

Modern, fresh and paired down.

While I do love the built-in variety, free standing banquettes with high backs can work just as well. And for a quick fix, try a simple bench placed against the wall with loads of cushions like above {just be sure to secure the feet with anti-slip stoppers so the bench does not go slipping away from the wall!} Here is great DIY if you are up for it! 

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