Good Luck & the Year of the Rabbit

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! I am happy to say I have been loving this new year of the rabbit - and hope it will be a wonderful one for you all as well! I have always been captivated by the show Antiques Roadshow of PBS and loved watching people bring in antiques from their homes to be appraised by experts. Aside from enjoying seeing the pieces showcased, it is so fun to see the participants get so excited when their old family heirloom or recent garage sale find turns out to be of serious value and historical significance. So when I came across the story below I just had to post it! 
In Dorset, England a 79-year old retired factory worker from Cadbury chocolate brought the experts at Duke's at Dorchester auction house a cardboard box containing an astonishingly rare Chinese Ming vase. The 600 year old 'moonflask' was made under the emperor Yongle between 1403 and 1424. It is in perfect condition! Furthermore the piece is especially interesting due its Islamic influences, ie the looped handles, and large scale. The vase is valued at about 1.6 million dollars and will go to auction in May. I feel so happy for the both the owner for his good luck in the year of the rabbit and for all of us, that this treasure has been so well preserved! I love it - 600 years later and blue and white is still timelessly chic! 

{Image Above via Gardian}
You can read the full article here!  

Singapore all dressed up for the New Year! Happy Year of The Rabbit! 

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