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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today I am beginning a fun new series to find out what inspires fellow design lovers! One of the most wonderful surprises about blogging is all of the amazing and interesting people I have met around the world, including the lovely Anya of Anya Adores - who was one of my very first blog friends! I am so excited to share her thoughts on design, her native Copenhagen, and guilty pleasures . . . 


{1} Your favorite thing about your hometown?
Copenhagen has the whole package: amazing design - clothes and architecture. And it takes me 1o minutes in the car to be by the most awesome beaches, woods or lakes. 

                        {Kings Gardens, Tivoli Gardens, HC Orsteds Parken. Pictures by me}

{2} Your favorite product or design trend of the moment?
Mirrors are on my fav list at the moment, vintage mirrors, tons of them!

{3} Your favorite design icon or style-maker (past or present!)
From a design point of view it has to be the Eames rocking chair - a classic that I absolutely adore.

{4} Your favorite spot or item in your home?
I adore our painting Iris by Swedish artist Myra Sjoberg. We bought it for each other last Xmas - she makes me happy every day.

{5} Your favorite guilty pleasure?
Strawberry and lemon sorbet - Yum!

Thanks so much Anya! It was so wonderful having you! 

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Jessie said...

It's great to learn more about my favorite blogger, Anya. She's such a sweetie!

Great new series, by the way! Looking forward to read more in the future. Thanks for entering my giveaway, Allison!


Anya adores said...

Thanks a million for having me Allison - such a fun series - look forward to more editions:)
Have a sunny day,

Simple Dwellings said...

What a great series! I am so happy you stopped by my blog today- it led me to yours! I love Anya's picks. I also love lots of mirrors and an eames chair!! :) Have a great day!

Britt @ Dreamy Spaces said...

Really cool use of many different mirrors. Very unique!!

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