New Series: Inspired IKEA

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IKEA furniture is everywhere we look . . . it's super affordable, simple, and accessible {the bad news is it can easily look ordinary or cheap!} One of my favorite design tips is to mix high and low, and IKEA pieces are the perfect candidates. So I will be sharing the most inspired, creative, and chic examples of Inspired IKEA I can find! It might be an IKEA hack, a DIY which begins with an IKEA piece, or sometimes it's simply combining these pieces in an unexpected and stylish way. Mostly, I just think you can never have enough creative and stylish ideas for how to use these ubiquitous Swedish basics in high end and glamorous ways!

I love this charming dining room, the varied blues in the rug, the collection of slightly different dining chairs . . . and that rich orange woven pendant {which is actually the IKEA Leran light fixture, with a lovely paint job!}

What do you think . . . would you like to see more Inspired IKEA picks? Do you have any favorites I should see? 
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CoolBites said...

yes, we would like more inspired Ikea posts!!
great section! keep it on ! x

Anna@MyDesignEthos said...

Just saw your article on Apartment Therapy when I opened it this morning, Allison - congrats!

Tariro said...

Id love to see those types of posts! Your blog is amazing!

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