E-Decorating: A Bedroom Two Ways!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This week I am working on a design project for a very close friend here in Singapore {love working with her - we have the best time!} It can be very challenging to find great furniture and accessories here in Singapore, so I often purchase the big pieces locally and get some of the smaller items and accessories from the States. We were thrilled to have scored this fantastic bed upholstered in cream linen and beautiful starburst mirror this last weekend at Taylor B so we are on our way. Here are two of my design visions for how to complete the space, the goal was a sophisticated and grown-up bedroom that is still rich in color and a bit of pattern - what do you think? I love how differently the two schemes turned out! 

{Master Bedroom Design Scheme A}

{Master Bedroom Design Scheme B}

I think my friends are leaning towards the first option, as they loved the pops of coral and orange . . .
What is your vote? 
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CoolBites said...

Sure ! I'm also in love with the first scheme ! Fabulous !

Anonymous said...

Love them both, esp the art!

Bluebells and Lavender said...

I love the first style board...the coral definitely gives it depth. Wishing you a lovely day. Sharon

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