Small Space Solution: Two's a Pair

Thursday, October 25, 2012

As a designer, I always begin by creating a furniture floor plan of the space. Even if I am not at my computer and its just a sketch, envisioning the interior from a bird eye's view helps me to see it in a fresh way. And I just love the unique layout of the chic living room above! The floor to ceiling bookcases, pair of matching sofas, and slender coffee table work beautifully to help a narrow space feel more generous and create a warm but not cramped space. The pair of sofas are wonderful for entertaining but also make cozy seating for lounging or movie night. Lastly, using slightly reflective materials like the cut velvet on the sofas, silver tea paper on the walls, and mirrors behind the bookcases also help to reflect the natural light and add a bit of drama.  

What do you think - does this layout work?

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