RedMart Industrial Office Daydreams. . .

Monday, October 8, 2012

I think the days of soulless and cold offices are numbered - and I love seeing the culture and personality of a company flowing over into creative, inclusive, and chic work spaces. My husband and his business partner are moving their offices and warehouse to a new, larger location {way to go guys!} and I am going along tomorrow to help {last time maroon, gray and brown striped carpeting got selected without my supervision - ack!} So, I am daydreaming about the possibilites . . .  one day I think their company would be perfect in one of these industrial, open interiors - but don't worry guys, I promise to stick to the budget! 

Inspiration for a future RedMart employee cafe. . .

How cool are these repurposed shipping containers! 

And I love that so many of these amazing spaces use bolts of red - just perfect. 
And as my husband taught me, you have to dream big! 

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