Paris Versus New York

Saturday, November 13, 2010

La Facade

I recently had the luck to stumble upon a charming blog titled Paris versus New York. Since the blog does just that – compare and contrast the two great cities, it was of special interest me! Vahram Muratyan, a Paris based graphic artist, provides witty and visually pleasing illustrations – self described as “A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York's infinite details, clich├ęs and contradictions: this way, please. . .”  I love the graphics but also the amiable sense of humor of each one!
Le Journal

La Romantique

La Nature

Le Styliste


La Creature

Le Cafe

Each post is also available as an art print  for purchase so you can continue to enjoy them!  I might just have to order one or two ( I cant decide which is my favorite!) . . .

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