The Autumn Hounds

Thursday, November 4, 2010

On my morning run around the gardens of the chateau at Fontainebleau I was so happy to encounter a large pack of beautiful hunting dogs! I adore dogs in general but these particular hounds were especially handsome and stately. Set in the heart of the forests of Fontainebleau, the chateau has long been an autumn hunting destination for the royal court and imperial hunts have been taking place here at least since 1137, when King Louis VII established an official charter. Stag and deer hunting is still practiced today in the traditional style, and these hounds were from the Ralley Tempete. While I am not one for hunting, a long walk in the forest with my dog for company, followed by a nap in front of the fire, sounds like the perfect autumn day to me!

A portrait of Louis XV’s beloved dog Polydore, painted by Jean-Baptiste Oudry in 1726.

Eric Cohler printed linen fabric designed for Lee Jofa – certainly not right for all interiors but could be a great pillow in a cozy library. The fabric features the design's own standard poodle, Tyler.

A very handsome dog bed by John Robshaw, in walnut Vintage Stripe – why should they not be stylish too?

 Lastly, designer Janet Simon’s beautiful library in New Vernon, New Jersey, complete with her three adorable beagles, as featured in Traditional Home. I think they match perfectly! 

Now if only I had a dog of my own to walk here in France! 

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