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Monday, January 2, 2012

Is less really more? As a designer, I am surprised a little at how much I love this space above! It is so peaceful and happy. Everything in me is yelling - add some beautiful throw pillows! But honestly, it might be more lovely just as it is now. . . maybe 2012 has brought out a whole new me?

What do you think - inviting or just too plain?  

A happy, happy 2012 to everyone - it's going to be a wonderful year! Wishing you a fantastic year filled with simple happiness and beauty! 

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pretty pink tulips said...

I think it's beautiful just as it is!!! I'm all about white right now. The perfect palette cleanser from the holidays!

Wishing you a marvelous new year!
xo Elizabeth

NatalieCottrell said...

I love how clean and simple these spaces are. I think what saves them from being just blah is that you can see that they're designed to be understated; it's not as though they just forgot to decorate. Intentional simplicity is A-OK in my book! :) Happy 2012!

Cristina said...

When the "shell" is so nice, yep, less is more!!

homestilo said...

You're absolutely right: sometimes less really is more- especially in a space meant for relaxation. I could imagine spending hours in the room of the first image.

Leslie said...

Happy new year! I don't really like it when things are over-decorated, so I love those spaces. :)

Anya adores said...

Gorgeous, plain and simple - perfectly right:)
Hope you had a great beginning to the new year,

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