Twin Sophistication

Thursday, December 1, 2011

When done right, twin beds can be a sophisticated and chic option! I love how you can push twin beds together when needed, and how they create a more open floor plan in a tight space. So whether it's a guest room or a great bedroom a child can grow with - twin beds can be quite elegant!  These stylish examples prove you can have the versatility of two beds with fully grown-up style. . . 

Which one is your favorite? 
I am swooning over the room with rich tangerine walls and those antique sleigh beds! 

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Leslie said...

I think those look absolutely great! My favorite is the second one. :)

Anya adores said...

Gorgeous pics - love a bit of twin look.
Happy weekend Allison,

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

they are wonderful spaces they work really well, why should twin beds just be for hotel rooms. My parents would love twin beds...pushed together since my dads knee op they dont share a bed (or room) because he sleeps so badly it disturbs my mum, twin beds would be a great answer still close enough together but without the disturbance of fidgeting

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