The Curtained Bedroom!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I just love the idea of a cozy and welcoming bedroom to retreat to. One beautiful way to create this is by replacing bedroom doors with curtains! Of course it offers a bit less privacy (probably a no-go if you have roommates) but it instantly makes a bedroom feel luxe and warm. When hung floor to ceiling and lined well, curtains can shut out light and keep warmth in ever better than doors and plus they look so beautiful when secured back during the day! Its also a great space saving solution for small rooms. 

So maybe it's time to take your door off the hinges and give it a try? 

{Image above via}

A crisp, tailored curtain closes off this playfully modern bedroom {via}

Sigh . . . so romantic. The pooling of the curtains on the floor really softens the look. {via}

Curtains as dividers work equally well in traditional or more loft like modern spaces. I love this interior! {via}

These curtains disguise the somewhat awkward architecture beautifully {via}

xo Allison 
Spicer + Bank


Jessie said...

Curtains are a great way to maintain privacy, add warmth and coziness, inject a color and to soften a space. Like you said, it also acts as a divider in a small space and disguise unattractive architecture. That being said, which is why I have 16 curtain panels in my living room, LOL. Love the images above!


Suz said...

I love the curtains in the romantic is right!

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