Artist Spotlight: Dannielle Mick

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The moody and beautiful works of artist Dannielle Mick are currently showing at Gallery Egan (yes, owned by by lovely sister in law!). I love the contrast between the two medium in which Mick works - pastels and acrylic paints. She used traditional pastels to capture misty tonal scenes from nature and then transforms them into abstracted shape and color in her expressionistic acrylic works. It's lovely to see the pieces together and it feels as if you can see the process in the artists mind! 

{The first two below are pastel, all other works are in acrylic. All images courtesy of the artist and Gallery Egan!}

I especially love the warm orange and pink tones pieces!

Please stop by if you are in the area!! 

1 comment:

Cool Bites said...

I also like the orange and pink pieces...but the blue one is very special. I love it !
thanks for sharing !


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